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Tim Mullaney

Tim Mullaney

Coal Point, NSW


I was born in England in 1964 and immigrated with my family to Australia in 1966, my Mother encouraged me to draw as a child and I enjoyed art electives at School.

I have worked in various mediums: Pencil, Pen & Ink, Oils, Water Color, Acrylics and some Airbrush.

Some of my paintings were inspired from dreams, I do not know why I received the images but I was strongly compelled to paint them and now show them.

Art is a continuing journey of discovery for me and an opportunity to communicate beyond words.

Through my own life’s experiences and the images from dreams I feel a door of awareness has been opened which I now express through my conceptual art where getting the concept across to the viewer is the most important thing.

On my website there is a Gallery for my traditional art and one for my conceptual art, If there is a meaning / interpretation to accompany a painting it will be in the description section.

I have posted the images and their descriptions with an honest and open heart with good intentions, I hope you like them and view them the same way.

In 1991 I awoke from a dream at approx 2.00 am and jumped out of bed to sketch the images as I felt I would not remember them later.
 The images came to me in color along with a clear interpretation, I was compelled to paint them and wondered where they came from.

In 2007 I awoke from a dream and again jumped out of bed to sketch the images and wondered for what purpose I was receiving them as they were very different to my normal conventional artwork. 
I felt I had a job to do and could not rest until I had completed the last painting.

Images are copyright © by Tim Mullaney.

Thank you FAA for providing this facility and enabling people view my artwork and if desired to buy prints around the world.

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All the best and regards Tim

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My other website is: www.timmullaney.com.au where there is also a link to my Facebook Artist Page.